2021/05/30 2021/05/30 Namibia

2021/05/30 Namibia
Yesterday the headlines of international events that belonged to Africa should be that Namibia reached an agreement with Germany to pay Namibia 1.3 billion euros in 30 years, and admitted that it had dealt with them during the uprising against the two ethnic minorities in Namibia during the German colonization before World War I. Genocide, nearly 100,000 people died, almost extinct.
Today, Namibia is an African country with beautiful scenery, good public security, and worthy of investment and business. There is also a well-established Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce. Chen Fuzhong is the honorary president and is a perennial consultant of our African Association.
Namibia only became independent in 1990. Before that, it was a trusteeship of the United Nations, a trusteeship of South Africa, and a German colony called "German South West South Africa." It is now one of the five countries that the United Nations defines as "southern Africa".
Things have changed, and now there is only one village left to speak German, keeping German traditions.
Germany admits to committing genocide, is willing to pay Namibia 37.7 billion yuan