2021/06/01 2021/06/01 The Republic of Somalia

2021/06/01 Somaliland
In July last year, our new friend, the Republic of Somalia, in Africa, the Republic of Somalia, withdrew from the Confederation of Somalia. There has been no turmoil and democracy has been implemented.
Yesterday 5/31 Somalia held important parliamentary and local parliamentary elections is an international event in Africa, and the world’s major media have reported it.
I wish our friends a smooth and successful election and the country is advancing by leaps and bounds!
Somaliland, located in the "Horn of Africa", is the closest African country to Taiwan in a straight line. Its territory is five times the size of Taiwan, and it is the largest country in the territory that is not universally recognized in global politics.
The population is close to 6 million, which is quite far from the data of Google and others. 
Livestock is the most important industry in Somaliland, and it is the main foreign exchange income, accounting for 70% of its GDP. Livestock products are the main export products of Somaliland. Every year, 5 million live sheep are exported to Saudi Arabia alone. The by-products are animal skins and animal skins. Export destinations include the Middle East, India, China, Pakistan, Italy and other parts of Europe.
The modernization of the Berbera port and the free trade port zone are expected to bring higher efficiency, increased productivity, improved business environment and a substantial increase in exports. The livestock industry has great potential for domestic and foreign investors. It provides opportunities for animal skin processing, feed production, animal medicine, veterinary industry, animal shipping, meat export, and slaughterhouses.
Berbera is a natural port with better port conditions than neighboring Djibouti. The UAE and Ethiopia are the main port investors. The future development is worth looking forward to.