2021/06/03 2021/06/03 The most zero banknote in history-Zimbabwe

This banknote has a denomination of 100 trillion, which is the banknote with the largest number of zeros in history.
This is Zimbabwe, Africa, when it suffered from an inflation rate of 3.1 billion%. It is the highest denomination banknote in Zimbabwe. According to the official exchange rate of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, it is approximately equal to 40 cents, and half of toast can be bought locally.
But in November 2008, its inflation reached its peak, reaching 80 billion%. Zimbabwe gave up the use of its national currency and switched to US dollar coins and South African rand (rand), and later also used the renminbi.
Buy one at the seaside specialty store in Cape Town Scenic Area and ask for 80 Taiwan dollars. The banknote, which is now deactivated, is more valuable than before.