2021/07/15 2021/07/15 King Enshiva III will held the highest level Sibaya meeting in person tomorrow morning.

2021/07/15 Swadini
The picture is attached with an announcement from the Swadini government that the highest level Sibaya meeting will be held by King Enshiva III in person tomorrow morning.
Sibaya means bullpen in Bantu language. The Swazi people are a branch of the Bantu people. They expanded from West Africa a thousand years ago. After arriving in East Africa, they moved to the present Shiguo area 300 years ago and settled today.
Although Bantu lives by farming, he also raises cattle, and cattle are of great significance to his nation. Therefore, Shi Guo must use cows as the bride price in his marriage, the more they are, the more noble they are.
The history kings of the past dynasties held the highest meetings and decided important decrees. They were all held in the bullpen. Sibaya has its important symbolic significance.
The evolution of history, tomorrow's Sibaya meeting will of course not be held in the bullpen, but in Ludzidzini, the main palace of the king of history.
The turmoil in Shiguo has caused the loss of more than dozens of lives, but it has temporarily subsided.
The Friday Sibaya meeting is very important. Perhaps the cabinet will be reorganized or talks will be held with opponents.
In any case, for our only friend in Africa, we always wish them the best results.