2021/07/16 2021/07/16 Swadini Sibaya Conference held today

Swadini Sibaya Conference held today
Our African friend, the Kingdom of Swadini, known as the "Little Switzerland of Africa", is today personally chaired by His Majesty King Enshiva III, the most important Sibaya meeting of the kingdom. Early in the morning, people came from all directions.
Sibaya means "bullpen". The history of human beings and cattle raising only its lofty symbol. The highest meeting of the king for hundreds of years used to be held in the bullpen.
Because of the epidemic, all participants were carefully screened and strictly abided by the epidemic prevention regulations.
I wish this meeting can calm the recent turmoil and restore peace and contentment.
I also wish many overseas Chinese friends who have traveled in Taiwan to have a prosperous business, health and safety!