2021/07/31 2021/07/31 South Sudan

2021/07/31 South Sudan
This "Vulture & Starving Child" (Vulture & Starving Child) taken in South Sudan is very famous and won the Pritz Prize in 1993, which shocked the world.
The vulture is waiting for the poor child to die.
The second picture of the handsome young man is the South African photojournalist Kevin Carter who took this picture. He committed suicide in 1994, the year after he won the prize.
At that time, Africa experienced suffering, war, famine, corruption, poverty...
The compassionate reporter took many photos of the suffering in Africa, and faithfully recorded the racial discrimination, war, death, hunger, and injustices of that era.
In the end, the reporter couldn't bear it, abandoning his wife and son, and committed suicide in July 1994. In the months and months of the year, the black and white apartheid in South Africa ended and President Mandela came to power. In the end, South Sudan finally broke away from Sudan and succeeded in independence in 2011, making it the youngest country in the world.