2021/08/02 2021/08/02 Sultanate Bird/Secretary Bird

2021/08/02 Sultanate Bird/Secretary Bird
The vast land of the Sub-Saharan (Sub-Saharan), from West Africa and East Africa in the north, and South Africa in the savannah (savannah) grows exclusively for Africa.
He is 150 cm tall and his legs account for 2/3 of his body. The female bird is larger than the male bird. On the back of the head, there are 20 heads of feather pens like a secretary, hence the name secretary bird, secretary bird or secretary bird. I like walking more than flying.
It lives on large insects, small mammals and snakes, and uses slender but powerful feet as tools to catch prey.
Africans are proud of the secretary bird. It is not only the national bird of Sudan, but also the national emblem of South Africa and Sudan. It has issued 65 stamps in 30 African countries. There used to be an animal village in Leofoo Village, Taiwan.