2021/09/14 [News from the Propaganda Group of 20210912] Congratulations! TABA won the gold medal

[News from the Propaganda Group of 20210912] Congratulations! TABA (African Economic and Trade Association) won the gold medal of the 110th National Social Organization Charity Contribution Award of the Ministry of the Interior. The news came that it was a typhoon, and it was a storm of confidence.
This honorable TABA can stand out from 21,000 national associations and won the top 10 gold awards. Chairman Jiefu Sun said that it should be attributed to the teamwork of the directors and supervisors and the efforts of all member manufacturers. The glory belongs to TABA. Every one.
From the data of the competition for this honor, it is found that there are two main reasons for TABA to stand out. First, the majority of member manufacturers are doing good for the public good, and their deeds are too numerous to mention. Some moving members quietly do good things on weekdays and do not take credit for them. It proves that the way of success of an enterprise is to take from the society and use it in the society. This kind of good-spirited circulation will make the enterprise more robust and grow. It is worthy of imitation and a role model.
On the other hand, TABA is a non-governmental organization that gathers manufacturers from all walks of life, with the goal of expanding the African market. Living here, under the leadership of the current Chairman Jiefu Sun, the board of directors and supervisors are like a big family with their respective functions. The operation of the association is based on the economic and trade of the African market. It organizes trade missions from time to time to sign memorandums with chambers of commerce in various countries, organizes economic and trade seminars, and then establishes substantial civil diplomacy with African countries and gives full play to emergency relief and other voluntary actions.
At the annual year-end banquet, TABA directors and supervisors pay out of their own pockets to invite all diplomatic envoys and business people in China to have meaningful exchanges. There is also the 2017 World University Games (Universal Universiade) held in Taipei in 2017. Chairman Sun alone invested in entertaining South African and Ugandan players. This touched all the foreigners participating in the event. It is a successful performance of national diplomacy and is still talked about today.
TABA has been established from the hardships of Chairman Zhou Chuanghui, the inheritance of Chairman Wang, and the development of Chairman Sun! The leadership and dedication of the three directors is the most important pillar of this honor; and each director and supervisor constitutes the pillars, and builds TABA into a platform (home) for all members to exchange, cooperate and develop together. For example, Huang Jiecun, chairman of the board of directors operating woodworking machinery, said: "I have participated in many associations. TABA is the most outstanding and enthusiastic association. The dedication and dedication of Chairman Sun is obvious to all. The teamwork of the board of directors and supervisors is like a family. "
TABA is an open group. With the goal of recruiting like-minded partners to work together to develop the African market. Looking forward to the future, it is still the original intention to assist members in creating business opportunities, integrating member resources, etc. I hope that every member of TABA will develop well and better, which is the glory of TABA Association. As an African proverb: Go fast, go alone; go far, go with your company!