2021/09/13 2021/09/13 Meeting at Taoyuan High Speed ​​Rail Station

2021/09/13 Meeting at Taoyuan High Speed ​​Rail Station
Because of the new crown epidemic, many friends of African Taiwanese businessmen stayed in Taiwan after returning to Taiwan last year. This is very desirable for those of us who are already in Taiwan. It just happens to have more opportunities to get along with them and I am very happy.
The epidemic has dragged on for too long. They have left Taiwan and returned to Africa one after another for their careers and families in Africa. We are very reluctant to give up.
Last Friday (9/10) Shi Hongsen, Honorary President of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in the Capital of Malawi, who is a partner and friend of the Association, and his son Han took a flight back to the overseas residence at 8 o'clock in the evening. Fu Jen Catholic University used the influence of the church to enthusiastically help Malawi’s congressmen to establish the Taiwan Friendship Association. It invited the chairman, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the honorary chairman of Shi’s flight schedule to hold a video conference at Taoyuan High-speed Railway Station and Malawi. We understand what they are doing.
Wish honorary president Shi and Han all the best, safe and smooth!