2021/09/14 2021/09/14 Taiwan-Nepal Business Forum (2021 Nigeria Taiwan Week)

2021/09/14 Taiwan-Nepal Business Forum (2021 Nigeria Taiwan Week)
The conference started at 4:30 pm yesterday (9/13), and it was held at the same time as the video. There are more than 10 staff responsible for the connection of audio control on site, coupled with the spacious venue of the VIP room on the fourth floor of the Taipei Convention Center (TICC), which shows that the organizer, the International Trade Association (TAITRA), has taken this conference attentively and seriously.
Because of the epidemic, the old friends of the Trade Association at the scene have not seen it for a long time, and it feels like a lifetime. The representative of Ahmed from the Nigerian Commercial Office in China was so excited that he could not speak when he saw the chairman. Deputy Director Liu of the International Trade Bureau mentioned TABA again and again in his speech, which was touching.
Chen Shufang, chairman of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in Nigeria, one of the speakers in Nigeria, explained the business opportunities, living habits and precautions in Nigeria in a very unique and interesting way; ATCC President Jian Yongjie delivered a speech in English. The English characters are round and round, and they deserve to be the second generation of Taiwanese who grew up in South Africa.
The whole meeting was concise, solemn and efficient. All guests listened carefully and benefited a lot.
ps. After the meeting, representative Ahmed told the chairman that he had to organize a matchmaking meeting with Nigerian businessmen in Taiwan last time, as long as the epidemic situation permits.
Welcome everyone to watch the replay: