2021/09/15 2021/09/15 Angola

2021/09/15 Angola
Some things about Angola:
1. Passengers are prohibited from taking their currency Kwanza out of the country. Please pay attention to the members who are accustomed to taking some local coins as a souvenir when going abroad.
2. The Giant Sable Antelope (antelope) has become extinct, but it has recently been discovered in Angola. It is now declared as the National animal representing Angola.
3. The capital, Ruanda, is the most expensive city in Africa to live in. It is also among the best in the world.
4. Portuguese is the official national language. There are four other official languages: Umbumdu, Kimbundu, Kikongo, and Tchokwe.
5. 70% of the population is under 24 years old. The demographic dividend is superior.
6. Angola has been Taiwan's largest trading partner in Africa in recent years. Taiwan is also its fifth largest trading partner, better than South Korea. Mainly crude oil trade.
7. Despite the long-term civil war, Angola's economy developed rapidly after the war. The economy grew by an average of 7% before the currency devaluation and the new crown epidemic, which is also among the best in the world.
8. Angola's oil production is second in the continent, second only to Nigeria. Some years will be better than Nigeria.
Its oil is of good quality, similar to Libya's "sesame oil".
9, 47% of the Angolan population believe in its traditional polytheism (shaman).
10. The military strength of Angola is higher than that of its former colonist, Portugal, and ranks fifth in all Africa.
11. Angola's economy was superior to South Africa before the civil war. The economic potential after regaining peace is bound to be astonishing, and this is a country that this Council must pay special attention to.
12. There are Taiwanese businessmen in Angola, but there is no Taiwanese business association.
13. The civil war in Angola lasted 32 years. It was the same year after leaving Portugal. It was a civil war between the Communist Party supported by the Soviet Union and Cuba and another faction supported by the United States and South Africa. Looking at its national flag, the Communist Party won in the end of this proxy war. Cuba also sent heavy troops to the war.
Its civil war was regarded as part of the Cold War.
14. Angola, formerly known as "Portuguese West Africa", has the reputation of "Brazil of Africa". The first ship of black slaves shipped from Angola to Brazil in 1617 was the first time in world history. The impact is far-reaching.
15. There are 35 million hectares of arable land in Angola, and only 1/10 of it has been developed, or about 3.5 million hectares, which meets half of the food self-sufficiency rate of 32 million people. Its agricultural potential is endless and it is the best cooperation partner for Taiwan's agriculture.\