2022/03/02 2022/03/02 Visit the Export-Import Bank With Mr. Allan S.L. Chou

Today (3/2) Chairman Huang Huamin of Taiwan African Business Association, visited the Export-Import Bank  with Chairman Mr. Allan S.L. Chou of Ghana Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, and was warmly received by General Manager Dai Dengshan and Manager Wang Yuqing of the Business Department. Both of them discussed a number of topics and reached consensus, looking forward to seeking greater business opportunities for TABA members.
In addition to explaining the distinction between import-export banks and commercial banks, General Manager Dai pointed out a number of plans and methods for export-import banks, all of which are designed to help manufacturers develop export markets. For example, we have signed a refinancing bank with reputable banks from all over the world, and regularly conduct research and discussions on understanding African countries...

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Chairman Huang Huamin said that in the past, the Taiwan-Africa Business Association has had many experience in cooperation seminars with Bank Los Angeles, and the members have participated enthusiastically and benefited a lot. Hope that the two sides will have more cooperation plans in the future.
Based on his long-term living experience in Ghana, Chairman Zhou Lin recommended local high-quality and low-interest banks to Losing Silver, and strived for cooperation opportunities.

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The one-and-a-half hour meeting was compact and practical, the guests and the host enjoyed themselves, and a lot of benefits were obtained.

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