2022/04/07 2022/04/06 Tea Party Forum of Nigeria and Malawi area in Taiwan

    The Taiwan-Africa Business Association held a market tea forum in Nigeria and Malawi this afternoon. Chen Shufang, President of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in Nigeria, Liang Shengwei, Director of the Trade Association in Nigeria, and Shi Hongsen, President of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in Malawi, attended as lecturers. The three met the members happily and talked about the economic and trade developments of the two countries, which made the participants say that they have gained a lot.

    The tea party was held by two executive directors, Zhou Aipin and Lin Shuyuan, the two convenors of the association's friendship group. President Chen Shufang has lived in Nigeria for more than 30 years. Director Liang Shengwei has just returned after the four-year term of the trade association in Nigeria. President Shi Hongsen has been doing business in Malawi for a long time and participating in local activities.

    At the beginning of the tea party, Huang Huamin, chairman of the Taiwan-Africa Business Association, said that this kind of economic and trade forum tea party invites people who have experience in the African market to speak out, which will have a substantial inspiring effect on member manufacturers. There will be more opportunities in the future. Immediately issued consultant certificates to Chen Shufang and Shi Hongsen.

    Not long after the three lecturers returned to China, they all brought the latest information. They know everything they know, they say everything, and they teach each other, analyzing market dynamics, consumption habits, financial order, cultural traditions, and so on. Chen Shufang gave an interesting example. If you attend a local wedding, you can find out how many business opportunities there are.

    The tea party was held at the "Q Five Italian Restaurant" run by Mr. Wang Junhuan, Director and Supervisor of Xinyang Street. Coffee, tea and snacks were enjoyed in a warm atmosphere. It only took three hours to pass by, and there will be a period later.