2022/06/02 2022.05.31 Visit LOSA representative Graham Anderson

On the morning of May 31st, Chairman Huang Huamin, together with Executive Director Zhou Aipin and Chairman Ouyang Yu of ANKO Food Machinery Co., Ltd., went to visit Mr. Graham Anderson, the new representative of the Liaison Office in South Africa (LOSA), and expressed his appreciation for his visit. Welcome to Taiwan's new position.
Mr. Graham Anderson is a senior government official. He has served as the overseas director of the DIRCO department of South Africa (similar to my country's National Cooperation Office), and also served as the consul of South African embassies abroad. This visit to Taiwan will be the last mission of his career. He talked about South Africa's economic recovery plan, and hoped to strengthen the economic and trade exchanges between Taiwan and Fiji during his tenure, especially hope to introduce Taiwan's strong technology to develop South Africa's economic construction. A bridge for manufacturers to jointly promote trade exchanges.

At the same time, Executive Director Zhou asked the most concerned visa questions for everyone. Representative Anderson immediately asked the staff in charge of visa receipt to explain. The South African government has changed its visa policy since this year. According to the itinerary and information provided by the applicant, it will grant multiple entry and exit visas for up to three months. Representative Anderson explained that LOSA is a visa agency and has no real power to wholesale visas. It must be sent back to South Africa to obtain a permit. Obviously, this will be more inflexible and inconvenient for business arrangements than before, and it is also something that needs to be fought for in the future.

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TABA and the Food Machinery Association will jointly hold a food machinery exhibition and briefing session at ANKO Food Machinery Co., Ltd. on July 28. As the host, Chairman Ouyang (who is also a TABA member) invited Anderson's representative to attend the event as a VIP on the spot. Therefore, it is mentioned that the food manufacturing industry needs to be vigorously promoted and strengthened in South Africa. Therefore, it is also mentioned that the improvement of agricultural production technology, the need for Taiwan's exquisite parts for automobile manufacturing and maintenance, the IT industry and the medical industry and other possible cooperation projects.

We met for the first time in just one and a half hours, and the discussions touched on many aspects. We look forward to having more time in the future to meet for in-depth discussions. I also hope that through the media of TABA and LOSA, business opportunities will be created to benefit manufacturers from both countries.

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